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The Sleaszy Years CD


Special Offer for you to get our first and second albums with a special price:

- HIGHER & HIGHER - (2016) Released via Sleaszy Rider Records CD Version

1. You Gotta Lose
2. Street Animals
3. Hollywood
4. Promises
5. Sunny Again
6. One Life
7. Light In The Dark
8. Heat
9. Perfect Machine
10. Monster Inside Me
11. Play With Fire
12. Will You Ever

- LIKE AN ADDICTION - (2013) Released via Sleaszy Rider Records CD Version

1. Artificial Lover
2. Bad Things Cause Bad Things
3. Don't Drop
4. Darkness Around Me
5. Dreamin' Is My Way
6. Lia
7. Pay What You Say
8. Drinkin' Wine Under The Bridge
9. No One Leaves until The Dawn
10. Lay Your Hair Down
11 Shake My Dancin' Soul

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